The Atlanta Braves are playing …. Waffle Ball!

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Atlanta Braves' current 13-game winning streak directly coincides with a Waffle House being added to Turner Field in Atlanta.

Because this is baseball and superstition is very important, we all have no choice but to believe that the Waffle House — not Justin Upton's .407 average and five homers in that span or Freddie Freeman's .357 average or the team's 3.42 ERA — is responsible for the Braves winning streak. There is no other acceptable explanation, got it?

Now — as the Braves go for win No. 14 against the Marlins on Friday — this amazing song/video has emerged as the rallying cry for the Braves and their winning ways. #WaffleBall, this has now been dubbed.

I don't know where this video came from, who's singing, who Photoshopped the hats — any of it, but whoever it is, bless you. You have won the baseball Internets this week.

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