Athletics pitcher A.J. Griffin stars in ‘Seinfeld’ — with a modern, baseball twist

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

First off, if you haven't been following Modern Seinfeld on Twitter, you should probably do that. It imagines Seinfeldian scenarios in our current world — such as this one: George gets a Kindle so women on the train will think he's smart. G: "I read sports articles! They think I'm reading… like…" J: "A book?"

That brings us to the video above. Inspired by the Modern Seinfeld movement (Can we call it a movement? Eh, why not), the MLB Fan Cave crew gave us a baseball version of 2013 "Seinfeld" with an assist from Oakland Athletics pitcher A.J. Griffin.

Another thing worth mentioning here: The Jerry and Elaine characters are actors, but the George and Kramer characters are members of this year's MLB Fan Cave. Ben Weitmarschen, the Reds fan cave dweller, plays Kramer and Nick Mendillo, the Red Sox fan cave dweller, plays George. Mendillo does a pretty good George Costanza, don't you think?

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