ASG Memories Final: Chas. Hustle faces Teddy's Last Stand

Well, it's been a long and interesting road, but we're finally at the end of our first tournament here on the Stew. Today's final of the Most Memorable Memory Tournament: All-Star Edition comes down to two of the moments we suspected had a strong chance of going all the way in the first place — Pete Rose colliding and bowling over Ray Fosse in Cincinnati in 1970 against Ted Williams' emotional All-Star night at Fenway in '99. Neither really needs any further explanation or introduction, so start casting your votes for title of Big League Stew's Most Memorable All-Star Memory. (View the complete bracket here.)

1. Pete Rose/Ray Fosse, '70 vs 1. Ted Williams' last roar at Fenway, '99

UPDATE: Polling is over. Result revealed soon.

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