ASG Elite Eight: Leonard Coleman and Gene Budig regionals

A day away from the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium and we're down to eight moments in our Most Memorable Memory Tournament: All-Star Edition. Here are the last two regional finals and they're both mega-matchups. In the Leonard Coleman Regional, it's finally time for one Ted Williams moment to get booted... Will it be his 3-run walkoff home run in the '41 game or his '46 homer off Rip Sewell's blooper pitch that prevails and advances to the Final Four?

In the Gene Budig region, it's win-or-go-home time for two of the most famous homers in old Comiskey Park history — Babe Ruth hitting the first homer in the first-ever ASG in '33 or Fred Lynn hitting the only grand slam in All-Star Game history in '83?

Cast your vote below each matchup and view the complete bracket here.

Leonard Coleman Regional Final

UPDATE: Ted '41 beats Ted '46 with 62 percent of 561 votes.

Gene Budig Regional Final

UPDATE: Babe Ruth eeks out the closest call yet with 51 percent of 568 votes.

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