Artist Tim Raines — really, that’s his name — paints baseball like Jackson Pollock

David Brown
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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Artist Timothy Raines has never met Tim Raines, the baseball player who should be in the Hall of Fame. He came kind of close, once, on his 21st birthday down in Texas when Raines was still playing.

"I got down close to the field and asked another player if he could get him for me — which you're not supposed to do, I know," Raines said. "I thought about throwing my I.D. into the dugout to prove that, 'Hey, my name's Tim Raines!' But if I didn't get it back, I wouldn't have been able to drink for the rest of the night, so I didn't."

Prudent, but the two Raineses haven't connected since, which means the one piece of art Timothy Raines needs to paint the most — a portrait of Tim Raines — has yet to happen. It will someday, hopefully, like Cooperstown will for the ballplayer. Raines played with the Montreal Expos, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles from 1979-2002. Raines got 52.2 percent of the vote for the Hall in 2013. He's 53rd all time in runs scored, 37th in walks and fifth in stolen bases with 808.

In the meantime, fans should be interested in decorating their walls with Timothy Raines' array of Major League Baseball logos, done in acrylic on canvas in the "drop" style of legendary Jackson Pollock. Pollock is Pollock — there's only one — but Raines' work is fantastic. He was selling prints at the winter meetings trade show for $40, if you're not Jeffrey Loria and able to buy an original. Raines' colors are deep and vibrant, and using the Pollock technique allows the logos to jump out.

Art is subjective, but Raines' best works run from the complicated St. Louis Cardinals logo to the simple "TC," as in Twin Cities, for the Minnesota Twins. Those, along with a pair of socks for the Boston Red Sox, are probably the top of the line. But he does all of the teams — and non-baseball stuff, too. Sports cars, for example. If you're interested, visit him at, or on Facebook.

Christmas is in two weeks.

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