Around the horns at the World Series: Boston and St. Louis symphonies get brassed off

David Brown

And if the puns in the headline bother you, tough bassoons! Considering the reputations both cities have as baseball towns, it's reasonable to guess that literally every single person in Boston and every single person in St. Louis has emotional skin in the game regarding who wins the World Series. The respective symphony orchestras from both towns are not exempted.

In a "West Side Story" sort of way but with musical instruments instead of knives, the brass section from both civic orchestras came together to make an "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" YouTube video. They talk trash, break into "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," they have fun. Although, the BSO chose to go outside to play its tunes, which must have messed with the sound, but we're not really judging each band here. We're just enjoying the attitude and team spirit on display.

Details of note:

• St. Louis has a guy playing the trombone, identified in the comments as Gerry Pagano, sporting a beard that rivals anything the Red Sox have grown.

• Michael Martin, the fourth trumpet on the BSO side, does the best arguing. Music-playing aside, he wins. Although, his bio says Martin is a native of Marietta, Ga., so Brian McCann might not approve of any of this.

• The Doc Brown-looking guy in the Big Papi jersey saying "Bring it on!" is Seiji Ozawa, BSO Music Director Laureate.

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