Arizona hits four straight homers, tying record, against Brewers

The Arizona Diamondbacks on Wednesday night hit four consecutive home runs, a record-tying feat that prompted a postgame question that irked Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha.

A reporter wanted to know how close Macha came to replacing Dave Bush(notes), the right-handed gopher-ball specialist, during the fourth-inning barrage that keyed Arizona's 8-2 victory.

"We're still in the game, OK? I didn't want to run everybody out of the bullpen," [said Macha, whose team trailed by two runs in the fourth.]

And never mind that Arizona's Adam LaRoche(notes), Miguel Montero(notes), Mark Reynolds(notes) and Stephen Drew(notes) connected over a span of 10 pitches (seven swings) to quickly make the D-backs the seventh team in history to go back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

Watch the D-backs go deep — times four

If I had been among the media horde at Miller Park, I might have followed up with another question.

Why did Bush never throw a pitch that knocked one of the D-backs on his butt? Sure, it would have been a little rude of him, but such action also was necessary to restore order.

Did it not occur to Bush that he needed to get opposing batters' feet shuffling? Their eyes darting? Their minds wondering? Did he not tire of the D-backs being in perpetual home-run trot?

Instead, Bush became the fourth pitcher in history to give up four straight homers by continuing to nibble like he's some kind of dainty artiste — only to have the ball wander back over the middle of the plate.

A reporter asked Bush what was going through his head as the D-backs took advantage of his meatballs.

"I'm not sure exactly what goes through my mind because it happened so quickly," Bush said. [...]

"I'm going to assume I lost a little location," [added Bush, the first pitcher to allow four straight homers since Chase Wright(notes), then of the Yankees, did so against Red Sox in 2007.]

Try throwing a pitch inside, so far inside that whoever it is can't swing with impunity.

If Bush didn't want to take back the plate by using a purpose pitch, and rookie catcher Jonathan Lucroy(notes) didn't think to do it, then someone on the Brewers' staff — Macha or pitching coach Rick Peterson — should have.

Too late.

Drew found himself amused when the three batters before him went deep.


"It was pretty wild," Drew said. "[LaRoche] starts it off, then you see Miggy hit one and I was like 'What next?' Then Mark gets up there and hits one and I'm like, 'What am I supposed to do here?'"

Just swing away, Stephen. There's nothing to fear.

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