Appropriately sized Steinbrenner statue stands watch in Tampa

Given the Monument Park monstrosity that was unveiled at Yankee Stadium last season, no one would have been surprised if the new George Steinbrenner statue at his namesake spring training complex rivaled the Statue of Taweret in size and grandeur.

Thankfully, the new Boss statue at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa is not a garish behemoth. The AP reports that the 600-pound bronze statue is life-sized (in terms of Steinbrenner's height) and is identical to the one that stands in a lobby at Yankee Stadium. The classy and well-done tribute was just unveiled and it will welcome all New York Yankees fans to the field in just a few weeks.

It also has a small and simple feature that's very cool, but maybe easy to miss on first glance (or from a distance).

Check it out:

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