Answer Man: Derek Jeter talks cologne, being Trump's tenant

Derek Jeter sure keeps busy; shortstop, cologne pitchman, captain of the Yankee clipper, reported arm candy for six ladies on Maxim's Hot 100.

That's why pinning him down for "Answer Man" was a pleasant surprise. Jeter, famous not only for his play on the field but also on the New York club scene, remains a ruler of Gotham, even in his 14th major league season ...

Q: What's the best heckle you've ever heard from a Red Sox fan?

Derek Jeter: Man, they come up with some stuff. I don't know if I want to tell you — then I'd hear it all the time. They come up with some crazy things to say.

Q: What about one that doesn't work?

DJ: The "You suck!" gets old. You hear that over and over.

Q: How are sales going for Driven (your signature cologne) going?

DJ: Good. It's No. 1 (Ed. note: This could not be verified).

Q: So it's better than "Sex Panther"?

DJ: What's that?

Q: The perfume in "Anchorman" that's illegal in nine countries made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

DJ: Oh. I haven't seen that one [laughs].

Q: Does the name "Driven" refer to your work-ethic, or the fact that you're always asking people for rides?

DJ: Ha! I guess I have a reputation for both.

Q: When you dived into the stands for that ball against the Red Sox in '04, were you surprised that no one grabbed your butt?

DJ: I kind of wasn't even thinking about that [laughs]. What did catch my attention was, there's 56,000 people there and I dive into the one seat that there wasn't a person sitting in there. I was hoping I'd land on someone — but that didn't work out.

Q: The flip against the A's in the '01 playoffs; What were you even doing over there in the first place?

DJ: I'm actually supposed to be there — to be the cutoff man and redirect the throw to third base. In that situation, we still had time to get him [at home], so I just tried to get it there quick.

Q: But are you one of these people who couldn't thread a needle in real life, if you had to sew something?

DJ: I could do it. I can thread a needle.

Q: I seem to recall in another lifetime that you might have been friends with Lance Bass, but I can't find proof. Were you buds?

DJ: I know him. I wouldn't say we're "buddies." You meet a lot of people in New York. So, yeah, I've met him before.

Q: Whose wax dummy would take longer to melt: Yours or David Wright's?

DJ: Oh, man. Longer? I'm probably a little taller, so it might take longer for mine to melt [laughs].

Q: Are you more of an expert on bugs coming off the Cleveland experience of last season?

DJ: I think they confuse me more. I think that experience confused me more with the bugs.

Q: Mr. Trump. What kind of landlord is he?

DJ: He's great; I've gotten to know him throughout the years and he's been great to me.

Q: You ever look around the clubhouse and go, "Shoot, where's Ruben Sierra?"

DJ: Ha! It's funny. We just saw Ruben in spring training not too long ago; he stopped by [laughs]. Ruben was a good teammate.

Q: When Earth makes official first contact with aliens, will Mr. Steinbrenner go back to his home planet?

DJ: The Boss is the best. The best. So, wherever planet he's from, more people should be from there.

Q: Do you guys have enough ex-Cubs in the bullpen?

DJ: Do we? How many we got [looking over shoulder]? Hawkins, Farnsworth. They're helping us out, so I'm glad.

Q: The honor is well-known, but what perks come with being Yankees captain? Is there a gold card?

DJ: What perks? Oh, man. There's a lot of perks. More than you could know [laughs].

Q: Shouldn't Michigan just give you a degree already?

DJ: I think so. They probably should. I'm still a freshman. I went to school there in the off-season of my first year as a pro. I think they should. I'd like to get a degree. You ever see the movie "Back to School"? I'll go back with my kids.

David Brown is a regular contributor to Big League Stew and writes Morning Juice, which runs Monday-Friday in the a.m. Answer Man is a regular feature on BLS.

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