Another nostalgia-minded baseball card site? Very nice!

Maybe it's just me, but the world can never have enough baseball card blogs. One of the newest additions is the Gem Mint Ten, a spinoff from one of the creators of Hugging Harold Reynolds. From cards featuring backwoods dentistry to bad Luis Guzman impersonations, the site is worth a few afternoon laughs.

Over e-mail, I asked GMT blog pilot Ren McCormack what would inspire him to dust over his card binders and common shoeboxes to join the legions of baseball card bloggers. He states his reasons after the jump:

"Essentially, when my wife and I bought a house, my parents made me move all my cards (about three footlockers so far) out of their garage and into mine. Well, this didn't go over too well with my wife because she just doesn't 'get it.' And by 'it' I mean I spent any childhood money I ever had on cards. and also had about a five-year running subscription to Beckett (Those issue will be featured too).

"Anyway, we came to a compromise. My younger cousin, who's about 7 years old, heard the conversation and offered to take them off my hands. The deal was that I could go through and take whatever i wanted, but I had to give him the rest. So I started going through them.

"On HHR, I sometimes did a piece called "Cleaning Out The Garage" That's when it came to me — I love Joe Sports Fan's collection (as noted in my first entry). Why not do a whole site committed to the countless worthless cards i have?

"When I bounced the idea off some folks, the real gold was in the nostalgia. Everyone I've talked to either remembers the cards or have their own that they want to see on the site. With that in mind, I'll do a reader's submission on Fridays.

"So, really, the site is an excuse to prolong my getting rid of them. But it's really amazing the reception it has gotten in only a week."

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