Anna Benson to Dr. Phil — ‘I’m the most famous baseball wife since Marilyn Monroe’

That's just one line being teased in a preview for Dr. Phil's big television interview with Anna Benson, the estranged wife of former major leaguer Kris Benson. The show is set to air next Wednesday (check your local listings for time and network) and will apparently delve deep into her erratic and at times very dangerous behavior.

As you may recall, back in July, Anna Benson broke out into her husband's residence armed with a gun, a knife, a metal baton, a loaded ammunition belt, all while wearing a bulletproof vest, and demanded Kris Benson give her $30,000. Kris Benson was unharmed in the incident, but some property, including a computer, were damaged. Anna Benson later pled guilty to the bizarre attack, and it was just two weeks ago that she received 15 years probation with a required three months of therapy.

Her time spent with Dr. Phil — who doubles as a TV personality and psychologist — won't count towards that therapy, and it's painfully apparent from the preview video that her appearance on the show was ill-advised. She's still a clearly misguided woman based on the snippets included, and her comment on being the most famous baseball wife since Marilyn Monroe is hardly the worst of it.

When asked about the gun she carried that day, Benson showed no regret: "It's a great gun," was her response.

Her thoughts as the incident was unfolding: "“I was actually laying on the bed, thinking we were going to have sex.”

On why cops didn't shoot her at the scene: "Because I'm a bada** b****."

“I know a lot about defense, I can handle a weapon, and if you want to take me out you better be on your damn game, perched up on a mountain with a really long rifle.”

For those who enjoy train wreck television, this Anna Benson interview should be right up your alley.

Overall, though, this is a deeply troubling and profoundly sad situation. Here's hoping that somehow, Benson can remove herself from the spotlight long enough to get her life back on track, surround herself with people looking out for her best interests, and hopefully become a productive member of society again.

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