Angry Red Sox fan rips Tigers home-run ball out of another fan’s hands and tosses it back

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Frustration gripped Fenway Park during the sixth inning of Sunday night's ALCS Game 2. The Detroit Tigers scored four runs and jumped out to a commanding lead while the Boston Red Sox offense still hadn't mustered a hit.

When Alex Avila punctuated Detroit's big inning with a two-run homer, making the score 5-0 a night after the Red Sox were shutout, it was like a gut-punch to the Fenway faithful.

You want to see frustration? Look at this fan. He grabbed the home run ball out of another fan's hand, and heaved back on the field.

Tossing back a home-run ball from an opposing team is baseball tradition, particularly in places such as Boston where the fans are obsessive about their team's success. But grabbing a home-run ball from another fan, then throwing it back? Slow your roll, dude. That's not OK. In a rightful punishment, a third fan from that area of the ballpark reports that Mr. Ball Thief was dealt the same fate as the ball. He was tossed.

At least Red Sox fans have this to be excited about: Boston got its first hit in the sixth inning when Shane Victorino singled. He then scored when Dustin Pedroia smacked a ball off the Green Monster, giving the Red Sox their first run of the series. They still faced a 5-1 deficit going into the seventh inning.

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