Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson gets engaged to supermodel Lisalla Montenegro

Mike Oz
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While the 2013 baseball season hasn't been too kind to the Los Angeles Angels, pitcher C.J. Wilson seems to be doing pretty all right lately. He's in a shampoo commercial, made that cooler-than-everything foul ball catch on Sunday and he won his first race in March. He's a big car-racing dude, you know.

Oh, and he got engaged to smokin' hot Brazilian supermodel Lisalla Montenegro on Wednesday. That's probably worth bragging about. Here she is sniffing his hair.

Yes, I know what you want. So here's Montenegro doing her model thing:

Wilson, who signed a five-year, $77.5 million contract with the Angels two years ago, looks to have come correct in the ring department. The bride-to-be tweeted: "I literally can't have imagined a more perfect proposal. So excited to marry @str8edgeracer !! #Engaged":

Last month, Wilson told Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard the five best and worst things about dating a supermodel. Here are a few highlights:


• Having to answer questions about how you met your supermodel girlfriend from teammates who want to have a supermodel girlfriend.

• Having to keep your personal appearance on point. You don’t want to be the guy dragging the equation down. If she’s a 10, you don’t want to look like a 4.


• When they walk in a room first, you can be completely invisible. Nobody sees you at all.

• If they ask for a table at a restaurant, they’re going to get it. We’re always seated right away.

Well, C.J., now you get to see what it's like to be married to a supermodel. Maybe you can hit up Tom Brady for some pointers.

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