This Angels fan reportedly acted as anything but an Angel

When it comes to rowdy and out-of-control fans, I'm not sure that those who follow the Angels have ever entered the discussion.

But after a reported incident on Tuesday night when one man in Anaheim was arrested after trying to go after Oakland reliever Huston Street and his wife, perhaps that perception is starting to change.


Tim Mead, the Angels' vice president of communications, confirmed that a man identified by police as Jeffrey Coles, 26, of Anaheim, was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery in the incident.

According to Mead, the episode began when Coles, standing near A's family members and friends waiting for players to depart the stadium after the game, started getting verbally abusive toward A's players.

A security guard who requested anonymity described the scene: "He was out of hand, all kinds of terrible language ... and I guess Street heard it or saw it ... so he asked us to get the guy out of there. We did, and that should have been the end of it."

It wasn't.

The article says that Coles attempted to break through the security that was holding him back to get to the Streets. He was then detained and arrested. Last season, a fan was ejected and arrested at Angel Stadium for throwing a half-full water bottle at Mike Piazza, so it's not like this is the first questionable incident with an A's-Angels series in SoCal.

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