Angels blanket crowd with fleece, set Guinness snuggie record

Despite appearances, most of the people in this photo are not dressed alike because they are part of the latest Southern California cult. Although, they might join one if instructed.

Rather, the Rally Monkeys above were taking part in a world record, and it's a particularly silly one: The largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets.

Eyewitness accounts say most of the 43,510 Angels fans in the stands at Angel Stadium donned their Hideki Matsui(notes) No. 55 "blankies" — a snuggie-like creation — when they were told to and made some history.

Guinness even sent a scout, Danny Girton Jr., to make sure there was no cheating.

"We look for three details in all record proposals: It needs to be measurable, breakable and verifiable," Girton said. "I'm really pleased to say a new record was set tonight."

Watch it happen!

The old record — 17,758, set at a Cleveland Cavaliers game in March — never had a chance. Not everyone present at the Big "A" chose to participate, however. Take a closer look at the photograph.

In true Minnesota Twins tradition, we've circled a fan who was not playing along with the Angels shenanigans. This wet blanket is not about to be anyone's robe-bot.

Hey, if this were the Metrodome (moment of silence) and the public address announcer incited the crowd to put on garbage bags to honor the right-field fence, Twins fans wouldn't tacitly allow the lone Angels fan in the crowd to ignore it.

No, you'd stuff him in a garbage bag, too.

Further, at least one reporter speculated the snuggies actually affected the game. Kelsie Smith of the Pioneer Press tweeted that Torii Hunter(notes) misplayed a ball in the fifth inning because, perhaps, the blanketed crowd was doing the wave and distracted him.

"I think Torii was captivated by a world record in the making on that Cuddyer double. He should have caught that ball."

Though most of the media was denied the chance to don the red blanket, the Angels' broadcast team of Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza was conscripted into the snuggie insurgency. They looked like Red Druids, draped in holocaust cloaks from The Princess Bride. They looked like they were performing a miracle on this night.

An empty, meaningless miracle, but still.

"We're rocking up here with the snuggie!" Rojas (right) actually said.

That's how you set a record, folks.

Oh, Twins won, 5-3.

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