Angel Hernandez’s latest blown call sends Hawk Harrelson over the edge (Video)

Angel Hernandez’s latest blown call sends Hawk Harrelson over the edge (Video)
Angel Hernandez’s latest blown call sends Hawk Harrelson over the edge (Video)

Anytime umpire Angel Hernandez and Chicago White Sox broadcast Ken "Hawk" Harrelson are in the same building, there's a chance for fireworks. We certainly got those on Friday night as the struggling umpire (to put it lightly) blew yet another game-altering call that would have given the Chicago White Sox a victory one inning earlier than they would officially earn it.

The call came in the bottom of the tenth inning. Alex Rios hit a tailor made 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. However, things became complicated for the Miami Marlins when shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria double-clutched just slightly getting the ball out of his glove. This slowed down the relay process just enough that Rios was able to beat the throw at first by a step, which in turn means the winning run should have scored from third. However, Hernandez ruled Rios out, and then Hawk went off the deep end.

What you heard here was just Hawk's immediate reaction. That alone would not top some of his famous outbursts and rants against umpires from the past, but his comments after the commercial where he tells Hernandez to start flipping a coin on his calls gave it an extra point or two.

Classic Hawk, which we enjoy.

Unfortunately, it was also classic Angel Hernandez, which is turning into a big problem for Major League Baseball. Between the botched home run review in Cleveland, the questionable review in Colorado, and just the all around aura he gives off, I don't know how his act can be seen as anything other than negative for the sport.

But maybe I'm thinking along the wrong track. Maybe the attention he garners is worth it to them. Maybe that explains how we see him in the postseason. Or maybe it's just not a real issue for them either way. I don't know for sure, I just know he's on our minds at least once a week and sometimes much more, and that's something that should never happen with an umpire.

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