Andruw Jones declares self out for season five months late

At some point this week, Andruw Jones came to the same conclusion most of us did about him in May April spring training last winter when the Dodgers signed him for two years and $36 million.

He is of absolutely no use.

Jones, who is gimpy, chubby and batting .161/.261/.254 — slugging .254! — was activated from the 15-day disabled list on Monday, but he won't be patrolling center field any time soon for the team in hot lukewarm pursuit of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Jones tells the L.A. Times that he's out for the season.

"This year," Jones says, "it's basically over."

Well, knock me over with a stiff breeze from one of Andruw's numerous strikeouts. He's out for the season? Hasn't that been the case all season? He's not only late on the fastball, he's behind the curve on his own status as well. Why is this not surprising?

After the jump, find one of the best photos of the year — a gaggle of Los Angelenos, watching, judging — look at the baby! look at the baby! — as Andruw trudges back to the dugout (again).

What the people in this photo are thinking:

Pointing guy: That guy spells Andrew with a "U."

Blond guy (girl?) next to pointing guy: Aundrew? He DOES NOT.

Joe Pantoliano guy in stocking cap: I really need "Bad Boys III" to come out

Bald biker guy in goatee: I'd rather watch a donkey show at Moobies

Old headphone guy: Don't reach for the ball, don't reach for the ball

Cougar bottle blond (top): I wish their pants were tighter, like in the '80s

Cougar brunette (top): You said it, Laverne.

Teen Tina Fey (lower left): I can't look at Andruw Jones when he's this blurry

Disaffected youth (upper left): I want a hamburger, no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake...

Homeless Jim Gray (upper right): I wonder if this guy ever bet on baseball

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