Andrew McCutchen says ball that hit him in head during batting practice got worst of it

David Brown
Big League Stew

Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Andrew McCutchen wouldn't miss the NL wild-card game for anything Tuesday night, especially considering he's the leader of a team that hasn't reached the playoffs in 21 years.

So after a ball hit McCutchen in the head during batting practice on Monday, he briefly threw a scare into all of Pittsburgh, at least the parts which happened to be aware of the incident. But it'll be no problem, McCutchen said, also joking on Twitter that he owes the ball an apology for hitting it:

He really put a cork in that ball, didn't he? The ball having enough nerve to strike Cutch is like a sparring partner hurting a champion boxer in a training session. Who works for whom, here? And it's not like Daniel McCutchen is hanging around and ready to fill in as a backup McCutchen. Know your place, ball.

And how about the rage in Andrew McCutchen that prompted him to rip the seams, thus shaming the ball with nakedness. Man, don't get on McCutchen's bad side, you know? This must be why he's making everyone at PNC wear black. Except for the Reds, apparently.

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