Andrew McCutchen interviews Anthony Bourdain, talks ballpark grub and guilty food pleasures

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Andrew McCutchen is more than a star outfielder and face of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He also, apparently, is a budding TV host. McCutchen is starring in a new series called "All Stars With Andrew McCutchen" — it debuted Tuesday on ROOT Sports in Pittsburgh and Wednesday on the web. The point of the series is for McCutchen to interview other "all stars" in their respective fields, mostly outside of sports.

First up is noted chef, author and TV host Anthony Bourdain. Among other things, the two of them talk about how to improve ballpark food and their own guilty pleasures. McCutchen, by the way, talks about his love for Eggo waffles.

There should be a new installment of "All Stars with Andrew McCutchen" each month, with different celebrities joining him. We're told Pitbull, Daniel Tosh and Bruno Mars are possible future guests.

McCutchen showed off another talent last week, when he cut a fan's hair in this video from the MLB Fan Cave:

In a world where Michael Strahan can go from the NFL's single-season sack leader to filling Regis Philbin's chair on a morning talk show, it's not a bad idea for athletes to diversify their brands. It's a way to set themselves up for life after their playing days are over.

Lucky for Pirates fans, that's not something to worry about anytime soon, since McCutchen is still only 26 and obviously still having a lot of fun.

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