Andrew McCutchen imitates at-bat routines of Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and others

At this point, we're well aware that Andrew McCutchen, the star of the Pittsburgh Pirates and reigning NL MVP, is a man of many talents — from dancing to drawing. He also is pretty good at imitating the at-bat routines of other MLB stars.

He's not Batting Stance Guy-good, but for someone who plays the actual game well enough to be an MVP, McCutchen is pretty good at faking it too.

Above is footage of McCutchen doing his impressions of Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Manny Ramirez and Roberto Clemente. If this looks familiar, it's because bits of this footage were used in an ESPN feature about McCutchen last September. But these are his full versions, released Monday by ESPN.

If you'd also enjoy McCutchen doing voice impressions, here's a blast from the past — Cutch channeling Cleveland from "Family Guy."

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