Andre Ethier channels his inner Keanu Reeves for 'Point Break' live (Video)

The MLB Fan Cave promised it and now the MLB Fan Cave has made it so — Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier starred in a wacky live theater version of "Point Break" during his team's recent trip to New York, and now we all get to watch it.

We're not talking Broadway here, folks. This is the type of show where patrons cover themselves so they don't get wet. It's straight-up parody, where nobody — not even an MLB player — is taking him or herself too seriously.

Give Ethier tons of "good sport" points for putting on a wet suit and playing Keanu Reeves' role of FBI agent Johnny Utah in this version of the 1991 surf/action/crime-fighting flick. There are a lot of things a ballplayer can do in New York City in his downtime, and this isn't necessarily No. 1 on the list.

Ethier wasn't particularly impressive as an actor. He's not going to get a Tony nomination. He read his lines off a piece of paper in front of him, more like live-theatre karaoke. But that made the whole endeavor even more ridiculous, and thus, even funnier.

I've never seen "Point Break," so I don't have any witty inside jokes to add at the end. However, if Ethier is really into mimicking the film career of Keanu Reeves, I feel like he and Yasiel Puig would be wonderful together in a theatrical version of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Make it happen, MLB Fan Cave.

UPDATE: ... And MLB Fan Cave made it happen. 

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