Alleged bank robber supports both Red Sox and Yankees

You really have to hand it to this (alleged) bank robber on the right.

Currently involved in an (alleged) multi-bank spree in western Mass., this smart fellow realizes that changing up your disguise is an important facet in making sure that you don't provide links between all of your jobs. You don't want to get pinched on a future spree because of a calling card, Wet Bandits-style. It's Bank Robbing 101, really.

And who would ever think that a Red Sox thief in Chicopee would be the same guy wearing a Yanks cap during a holdup in West Springfield. Surely, even bank robbers adhere to the code of ethics that states you can never hold a split affinity for the natural-born rivals. So how could this be the same guy robbing both banks? When you think about it, this man's plan is foolproof.

Genius, even.

Well, at least it'd be foolproof and genius if he didn't wear the SAME black hoodie and the SAME yellow gloves and the SAME glasses that look like he just lifted 'em from Dusty Baker's mug. Cripes, the guy didn't even bother to shave his goatee between jobs. Area police say they think the robberies are linked. You think so, Kojak?

It's probably just a matter of time until this guy gets nabbed while wearing a Mets hat during a future attempt. And if that happens, it'd lend weight to my cockamamie theory that this man is (allegedly) working for both Theo Epstein AND Brian Cashman AND Omar Minaya. Hey, someone has to pay the freight on CC, Tex and K-Rod, right?

A big BLS head nod to Red Sox Monster, who thinks this proves the Hanging Sox hat evil.

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