Alex Rodriguez’s appeal hearing scheduled to begin on Sept. 30

According to Newsday’s Steven Marcus, the much anticipated — at least for those involved — arbitration hearing which will mark the beginning of Alex Rodriguez's appeal of his 211- game suspension is slated to begin on Monday, Sept. 30, which is one day after the regular season is scheduled to end. Marcus adds that the hearing will likely require several lengthy sessions before a resolution is met, but that could have gone without saying.

Of course you’re probably thinking there’s one minor issue that could pop up that would throw a big wrench in those plans, and you’re correct, the New York Yankees are only 2 ½ games back in the wild card race entering Saturday and could still play their way into the postseason. According to Andrew Marchand ESPN New York, if that scenario plays out the hearing would then be postponed to a later date.

Here's a little more information from Marchand's report:

A source said the hearings are expected to take place in New York. An announcement on whether Rodriguez's suspension — stemming from the Biogenesis and performing-enhancing drug scandal — is reduced is not expected until after the World Series.

At least A-Rod wouldn't have to drive far after cleaning out his locker.

A decision could end up being pushed back into the middle of November if the Yankees were to play their way into the fall classic. It may not seem likely, but it's at least possible. As Marchand notes, if it gets to that point, that could significantly alter the Yankees offseason plans.

The timing of [arbitrator Fredic] Horowitz's decision could have an impact on the Yankees' offseason plans. Team owner Hal Steinbrenner has made it a goal to drop the Yankees' payroll under $189 million to take advantage of revenue sharing and luxury tax benefits from the current collective bargaining agreement.

Basically all we learned on Friday is that all parties would like to get the hearing started at the soonest possible time, which is where Sept. 30 comes in. But it’s all written in pencil and the situation will remain fluid based on how the rest of the 2013 season plays out. So let's say the Yankees were to play in a tiebreaker game on Sept 30. and lose, the hearing may only be pushed back one day. If they lose in the wild card game, maybe two or three days. And so on.

In other words, stay tuned, because the schedule and story is always subject — if not guaranteed — to change when A-Rod, the Yankees and MLB are involved.

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