Alex Gordon suffers head injury on Jason Kipnis inside-the-park home run

Unfortunately, Yasiel Puig wasn't the only victim of a violent collision with an outfield fence on Wednesday night.

Kansas City Royals left fielder Alex Gordon was also forced out of their 6-5 victory over the Cleveland Indians after suffering a possible concussion and a bruised hip after taking a hard backwards fall while attempting to catch Jason Kipnis' sixth inning flyball.

If you watch the play, you can see Gordon's slight lapse in concentration once he realized he was nearing the warning track. On a field that had just endured a three-hour rain delay, it's not difficult to understand why even a Gold Glove outfielder like Gordon would be cautious with his steps.

Up to that point, he seemed to have a good read on the ball, but a very quick glance at the ground took him off stride and forced him to reach back to make what then was a difficult catch. Though Gordon was able to get a glove on it, he was unable to reel it in. He was unable to keep his feet and took an awkward, ugly looking fall, striking the fence solidly with his back and the back of his head.

Kipnis would end up rounding the bases for a three-run inside-the-park home run as an obviously shaken up Gordon lay on the warning track. What would typically be a moment of exhilaration for Kipnis quickly turned into subdued celebration. Once he raced across the plate and realized the situation that was playing out, he, like everyone else in the stadium, turned his attention and concern to Gordon in left field.

After laying on the ground for several minutes and eventually moving into a seated position, Gordon was able to get to his feet with the assistance of head athletic trainer Nick Kenney and assistant athletic trainer Kyle Turnerwalk and walk off the field under his own power. A good sign, but he was still very shaky and obviously not out of the woods for a possible concussion, which is what the team is concerned might be the case. They did confirm the bruised hip early Thursday morning.

If it is a concussion, there's no telling how much time he might be forced to miss considering the unpredictable nature of head injuries, and that could prove to be a big problem for a Royals team that dealt a blow to their own outfield depth after designating Jeff Francoeur for assignment and releasing Xavier Nady over the weekend. But the main concern now is simply making sure Gordon is well and able to return to the lineup relatively soon.

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