Alex Gordon delaying spring training for Justin Timberlake concert

David Brown

You only turn 30 once, and Kansas City Royals star Alex Gordon is spending his upcoming birthday not doing pre-spring training workouts. Instead, he is hanging out with international pop sensation Justin Timberlake.

Cry me a river, Ned Yost!

Royals Podcast got Gordon on tape at K.C.'s recent fan fest talking about all sorts of baseball-related stuff. Where he's batting in Yost's order, why he doesn't play third base anymore, blah, blah blah. Better than all of that, Gordon revealed what he plans to do for his 30th birthday. He's catching Timberlake's concert in Omaha (Omaha!), which is near Gordon's offseason home. In order for Gordon to help bring SexyBack, he's going to have to put off embarking for Royals spring training in Arizona. Pitchers and catchers don't have to report to Surprise (Surprise!) until Feb. 14 — and position players until Feb. 19 — but Gordon usually heads down there early because he's conscientious and hard-working. In other seasons by Feb. 10, he'd be there with Mike Moustakas and so forth.

Sorry, but Timberlake wins in a scheduling conflict with baseball.

"Hopefully, he can put on a good show," Gordon said.

Relevant audio at 13:45. Take 'em to the bridge!

This is how you know a young ballplayer has matured into a seasoned veteran. The baseball season is long, spring training is too long, and baseball players keep themselves in better shape year-round these days than they ever have. There's just too much money at stake not to. Not only is it OK that Gordon will miss a couple of days on the front end, it will be good for his mental game.

Plus, check this out from a recent show (note song No. 10 in set list 1):

What if Timberlake sings "Happy Birthday" to Gordon? It could happen, you know, with him being a VIP in the crowd and all. And to think, Gordon might have missed it for some extra outfield drills. Gordon can just double-up whenever he gets to camp.

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