Albert Pujols, Zack Greinke T-shirts available for discount at Missouri thrift shop (Photos)

David Brown
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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — They were princes here once. Albert Pujols finished his formative years practically next door and went to college close by, too, before winning three NL MVP awards with the St. Louis Cardinals on the other side of I-70. No, the Cards "don't got Albert" anymore, but they do got the playoffs. At least for a game.

Zack Greinke signed with the Kansas City Royals out of high school, grew up (more or less) at Kauffman Stadium and won a Cy Young in 2009. He's not with the Royals anymore, and the jury will be out for a while on the trade that sent Greinke away but, like Albert, he's not going to the playoffs this season, either.

And, as with Pujols, Greinke merchandise is proving tougher to move in their state of origin:

The players are gone now, both playing elsewhere because of free agency or the threat of it. But they're remembered in Kansas City by baseball fans and thrifty shoppers alike, because their T-shirts are available for resale at low, low prices. But are they low enough at Red Racks on Route 7?

Does that say $5.98?! Seems kind of high for a thrift store buy. You usually want to pay $3.99, maybe $4.99, for something like this. Though it was made of a thick material for a T-shirt. Not quite the thread count of a sweatshirt, but durable enough. And it's still a deep discount: Albert Pujols shirseys (part jersey, part T-shirt) are going for $9-$27 on Amazon.

Verdict: No, this shirt is not pricing itself out of the market.

And it's for a good cause, anyway: Red Racks stores give proceeds to disabled veterans.

These shirts are no Earl Weaver game-worn jersey, but they're still good thrift store treasures. A Cardinals red shirsey No. 5 and Royals blue shirsey No. 23 need new homes. Will the public leave them hanging like that?

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