Albert Pujols sues Jack Clark for defamation after PED accusation

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only MLB star who has his lawyers busy. Albert Pujols and his legal team have filed a lawsuit against Jack Clark, the former MLB All-Star who earlier this season claimed on his radio show that Pujols was a PED user.

Back in August, Clark said he "knew for a fact" that Pujols used performance-enhancing drugs. Clark said that Pujols' ex-trainer Chris Mihlfeld told him that, but when it went public Mihlfeld said the whole thing was false. Clark's show was cancelled soon after.

Here's the Associated Press with more details on Pujols' lawsuit:

The lawsuit between former Cardinals stars was filed in Circuit Court in St. Louis County, where Clark lives. It seeks unspecified damages that would be donated to charity, and asks for a determination and declaration that Clark's statements are false.

The petition says Pujols' ''character and reputation are impeccable and beyond reproach'' and cites his charitable work with the Pujols Family Foundation, while calling Clark ''a struggling radio talk show host'' who was chasing ratings in the first week his new show was on the air.

The best part here is that Pujols wants an apology and a declaration from Clark that what he said was false. Clark hasn't backed down, though, despite losing his radio gig. He's stood by his comments and Clark's lawyer told the AP he's eager to fight the lawsuit.

Clark's attorney, Chet Pleban, said he had not yet seen the lawsuit but Clark ''looks forward to having his day in court and having 12 unbiased, impartial people decide the issues.''

''And we'll certainly look forward to the discovery process, that will include depositions and the like,'' he said.

Pleban said Pujols has a ''multiplicity of legal hurdles to overcome'' to meet the actual malice standard in libel cases brought by public officials — specifically showing that Clark made a knowingly false statement or with reckless disregard for the truth.

It sounds like Clark's attorney is eager to get this in front of a jury. He probably likes his odds if St. Louis-area people are left to ponder the merit of Albert Pujols.

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