Albert Pujols jerseys: Burned, defaced and given away in St. Louis

David Brown
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Los Angeles Angels fans seem pleased that their team has signed slugger Albert Pujols, to the point that Pujols jerseys (and Angels season tickets) reportedly are flying off the shelves in the Greater Anaheim Area.

Meanwhile, back in Old Pujols Country, many in St. Louis feel upset and betrayed that El Hombre has taken his Phat Albert Machine to Orange County. There have been reports of jersey burnings — and YouTube proof still remains uploaded other places... and here, too — though at least one fan got creative by defacing a Pujols No. 5 by cleverly turning the digit into a dollar sign (h/t Larry Brown Sports).

Some retailers have given up, too. The Pro Image Store at a mall in Chesterfield, Mo., was giving away Pujols stuff. For free. Gratis. No charge. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Paul Russo, who owns the St. Louis area franchises, said at about 1:30 p.m. that the Chesterfield Mall store had just about given away its entire stock of about 150 shirts and jerseys that would usually sell for between $14.99 and $129.99. Other area locations gave away a similar amount of Pujols apparel, he said.

Russo said he made a spur-of-the-moment decision to give away the merchandise. Russo explained, "It's not about the money, just like Albert said. Except he lied, and we didn't."

Interesting paradox. {YSP:MORE}

They gave the jerseys away, yet someone still wanted them. How is Pujols (not that he will admit to caring) supposed to take that? You can't say his jersey is worthless in St. Louis if someone wants it. And it's not like all of these purchases are going into a bonfire.

The only real loser in this equation is the business owner who got stuck with too many Pujols jerseys. At least Russo got some foot traffic and notoriety out of the deal. But the overall message is mixed. Plenty of people in St. Louis still love Albert.

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