Albert Pujols gnome giveaway coming to Angels on May 20

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(Los Angeles Angels, Getty)

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(Los Angeles Angels, Getty)

The Los Angeles Angels are sneaky good regarding their promotions. From Mike Trout Fish Hat Night, to the lucha libre masks and Snuggies, they're always looking for an edge against the behemoths from a nearby county, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This lawn gnome in the shape of slugger Albert Pujols is something else. I'm more of a bobblehead man, but it's hard to be inventive with those anymore unless you start doing scenes of famous plays (like they do, hypothetically, on the CBS baseball blog). To an extent, the bobblehead thing is played out. Not that Major League Baseball teams should stop producing them — oh, no.

The lawn gnome craze will never be as big because they tend to be less cute. In fact, most lawn gnomes are kind of homely, even downright unattractive. But this Pujols gnome... it speaks to me. Not literally, not yet, but it's authentic-looking, right down to the stare Pujols tends to give baseball writers sometimes. I bet it's the same look Pujols gives when he finds out he's been turned into a gnome. Lots of times, these likenesses look nothing like the player, and with some major leaguers of certain ethnicities, it borders on racism. But this is Albert — were he a gnome. I must have one!

And so must you, so get tickets for the clash between the Angels and the Houston Astros — sigh — May 20 at the Big A. It's even presented by AAA, the Auto Club of Southern California. Go to the game in a friend's fancy roadster, grab a Pujols gnome, order some beers and watch the Angels and Astros go to work perfecting the art of baseball.

But most of all: Give a Pujols gnome a home.

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