You ain't heard nothin' yet: A-Rod-a-Palooza on the radio

Thanks to, you Internet consumers who crave A-Rod content (sick, sick people) could listen to, quite literally, 6 billion interviews with people talking about Alex Rodriguez.

UPDATE Feb. 11: brings two more pages of links to audio of people talkin' A-Rod.

Part II includes comments from Fay Vincent and Marvin Miller. Fancy.

Part III includes David Wells and John Cena. What? Wrestlers and steroids? C'mon.

People can't stop talking about A-Rod, and we the media can't stop talking about people talking about A-Rod.

Back to the original post:

Want to hear the actual A-Rod interview, because the transcript didn't do it for you? Go here.

Want to hear Peter Gammons talk about the interview, because the actual interview didn't do it for you? Can't. The link is broken . The link is fixed.

Want to hear Mark DeRosa, an actual player and not a simulation, talk about the A-Rod interview? Go here. [Bonus: former Bears receiver Tom Waddle is asking questions. If you're into that.]

Want to hear Yahoo! Sports own Jeff Passan talk about A-Rod because what he writes is just too pretty to read? Go here.

To recap: An audio smorgasbord of every person who ever had an opinion about A-Rod can be found here.

Last A-Rod post for a while. Promise.

Hat tip: Cagewriter.