Ah, retirement: Chipper Jones mistakenly assembles basketball hoop around ladder

David Brown

The look on Chipper Jones' face says it all. Yes, the stepladder might have proved helpful at one point, but forgetting to get it out of the way while assembling a professional-grade basketball hoop has its consequences. Hey, many of us have been there, especially when putting together one of the kiddo's gifts after Christmas.

So what would you do?

• Disassemble the ladder (possibly with a hacksaw?)

• Disconnect the backboard from the pole, save the $30 ladder, and do it up right?

• Just leave the monstrosity in the garage until next winter and pretend like it all never happened?

• Possible alternative: Get hold of Wham-O toys. They might be able to keep the setup intact and market a hybrid basketball/step ladder game. Very "American Gladiators"-like.

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