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Again! Yoenis Cespedes makes another marvelous throw

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Oops, he did it again.

For the second night in a row, Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes made a marvelous throw from left to cut down a Los Angeles Angels player on the bases. Not only was the throw phenomenal in nature, but the entire play followed the same pattern that Cespedes used to get out Howie Kendrick at home Tuesday night. The entrapment victim this time: Albert Pujols.

Like he did on Mike Trout's hit during the 7-2 putout heard 'round the world, Cespedes misplayed Pujols's hit to left, having to double back and chase it around the warning track as Pujols chugged around second and dug for third. After checking to see where the runner was — another fundamental no-no of playing the outfield — Cespedes picked up the ball, quickly looked up and fired a pea (ignoring the cutoff man because why?) to Josh Donaldson at third base. Donaldson had to lean and dive a little for the ball, but since he was between the bag and Pujols, the tag was applied on the move and the runner was out.

The Angels response on social media was funny as heck:

Score it 7-5. Cespedes has a league-leading nine assists among outfielders. It should be enough warning, but it's not.

Cespedes is a predator! That's what he does; he plays dumb, kicks the ball around and just waits for his opponent to make the mistake of trying to run on him. Just for kicks — that he can't even feel, probably, because he's a sociopath out there — Cespedes gives himself a higher degree of difficulty on defense because he's bored. He's toying with them. He's toying with us all.


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