Adult swipes souvenir ball from young kid during Red Sox-Yankees game (Video)

Dude, no. No, no, no, no.

We can debate very many things in baseball — whether Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame, if WAR is a worthwhile stat, whether pine tar should be against the rules for pitchers — but here is one thing that we all should agree on: If a player at a baseball game tosses a ball to a kid, no adult should take it.

Never. Ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever.

Obviously the adult fan above at Thursday's Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game at Fenway Park didn't get that memo. Because when Xander Bogaerts of the Red Sox tossed a ball to a young kid in the third inning, the "grown up" swooped in and snatched it. Booooooo!

To be fair to the adult, there are a few possible scenarios we're not seeing in the clip above: He could have been trying to get the ball for another kid. Or he could have done the right thing later and given the ball to the kid for whom it was intended. Still, he reached across a kid and took the ball, not too many valid excuses for that.

There are many things that can get someone ejected from a baseball stadium, and stealing a ball from a child should absolutely be on the list. Take note even, that Bogaerts was throwing the ball to a kid in a Yankees beanie, crossing the famous Red Sox-Yankees rivalry to make a child happy.

Too bad a greedy adult got in the way. 

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