Adrian Beltre goes back to sandlot, throws glove in air

Yeah, you probably did it once or twice back in your Little League days, but when's the last time you saw a big leaguer throw his glove into the air as a ball traveled overhead?

Actually, have you EVER seen it?

If not — and I hadn't until this morning — prepare for your first time. Paul Lukas over at Uniwatch calls our attention to the fifth inning of Tuesday's Mariners-Mets game, which is when Adrian Beltre sent his mitt skyward as Brian Schneider's liner sailed a few feet above.

Watch the Redlasso video HERE.

The funny part is that if you had asked me what third baseman would most likely attempt this, I would've guessed our man AB here. A quirky sort, it appears that Beltre did it more out of fun or frustration (although the M's were cruising to an 11-0 victory at the time), so it's probably disingenuous to say he was trying to stop the ball.

That didn't stop Mets' announcer Gary Cohen, though, from insisting that, regardless of the intention, that Schneider would "technically" still be entitled to a free base in the rule book, a claim that Lukas wisely and quickly shot down.

From Uniwatch:

"Gary Cohen, technically, didn’t know what the (heck) he was talking about. As the umpires correctly ruled, there’s no penalty for throwing your glove at the ball (or anywhere else) as long as there’s no contact. The relevant section of the rulebook, which I highly recommend to Mr. Cohen, can be found here.

Both Cohen and Lukas described the maneuver as "bush," though I have to admit I kind of like it. It's always worth seeing something once, especially when it takes away from the ugly fact the Mets are one game away from being swept at home by the worst team in baseball.

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