Addison Reed also played for Diamondbacks 15 years ago — in Little League

David Brown
Big League Stew

Little did Addison Reed realize that, when he woke up Monday morning in sunny San Diego, he would be spending his last few moments with the Chicago White Sox. Reed was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for third base prospect Matt Davidson and said the transaction came as a surprise to him.

But that doesn't meed Reed was unprepared.

Later in the day, Reed ran to his memorabilia closet and dug out photos from 1998 — when he was 9 years old — and showed the world on Twitter that he already had played for the Diamondbacks in the Vineyard Little League of Etiwanda, Calif.

Psychic Little League experiences — on the next "Maury."

It would be one thing if Reed had played for another Little League team like the Cubs, Yankees or even the White Sox, but the D-backs were an expansion team in Major League Baseball back in '98. Their major league uniforms were hot off the assembly line, so these Little Leaguers were really ahead of the curve, all dressed in purple and black like tiny Matt Williams, Jay Bell and Andy Benes.

It's a fun coincidence (probably) that Reed is "returning" to the D-backs, many uniform overhauls later. And if they do a retro uniform day, Reed can bring his own cap and jersey, as he said. By the tody looks of that photo album, either Reed or his mother stored that uniform somewhere.

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