Adam Wainwright eats peanut butter and jelly sandwich to overcome excessive heat

David Brown

To counteract oppressive triple-digit temperatures on Independence Day, St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright kept up his energy level between innings by eating the All-American sandwich: Peanut butter and jelly.

PB&J; now that's how you get yourself out of a jam, in a jiff.

Wainwright allowed a run and struck out seven over six innings for the Cardinals in a 4-1 victory against the Rockies on Sunday. The game time temperature of 103 degrees was the highest in St. Louis since at least 1988, when they started adding weather conditions to box scores.

Darned skippy, say the Rockies.

In order to stay hydrated during days that aren't even as hot and humid, players traditionally will drink plenty of water and Gatorade-like fluids (other than that notorious lone wolf, Carlos Zambrano, who instead beat the Gatorade machine for inspiration). Some players will even munch on protein bars, as Wainwright did, to replenish what the activity and weather take out. But it's not too often you'll hear about picnic food being consumed during a game.

It's a good thing Wainwright doesn't have that dastardly peanut allergy; who knows if corned beef on rye with mustard would do the trick against major-league hitters? Via the Associated Press report:

"When you're playing in heat like that it's important to keep those calories in you,'' Wainwright said. ''You've got to make sure you are hydrating well.''

Wainwright also ate a protein bar during the contest but felt the sandwich was the key to staying fresh.

''Always strawberry (jelly) on game days,'' he said. ''Like Tiger (Woods) wearing red on Sunday."

Wainwright was coming off one of his worst performances of the season. He gave up seven earned runs in five innings of a 14-5 loss to Pittsburgh on Friday.

Well, no kidding. He probably hadn't eaten enough between innings. This isn't like Spicoli in "Fast Times" ordering pizza during history class, or Quintin Dailey famously calling over the hot dog vendor during a Chicago Bulls game 30 years ago. This was an actual pro sports emergency, one that only food could fix!

Popeye opened a can of spinach. Tony the Tiger ate cereal. The Incredible Hulk simply got angry. Waino got Bueno thanks to peanut butter and jelly. A question remains: Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

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