Adam Wainwright, Trevor Rosenthal sing 'Frozen' song in team talent show (Video)

Wives of St. Louis Cardinals players put on a benefit event called "Homers for Health" last week and part of that was a talent show called "The K Factor."

The two players who seemed most willing to embarrass themselves on stage in the name of a good cause were pitchers Adam Wainwright and Trevor Rosenthal, who sang a duet of "Love is an Open Door," a song from the popular Disney movie "Frozen."

It's ... well ... yeah.

Wainwright has been known to sing karaoke in the past. For example, belting out a rendition of "Achy Breaky Heart" by Miley Cyrus' dad at a charity event last season. Waino wore a glorious mullet too. 

Wainwright carried Rosenthal in their "Frozen" performance, which is to be expected when the team's veteran ace is paired up with a young pitcher. It helps that Wainwright has three young daughters who are in prime "Frozen" age.

Oh, and hey, this happened too.

If there's any justice in the world, video will start to circulate of Wacha rapping ASAP.

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