Adam LaRoche’s windblown triple plays tricks on outfielder Ben Revere and announcer Bob Carpenter

The wind can do some tricky things with a baseball when it decides to gust at just the right (or wrong) time. For a good example, check out this crazy play in Friday night's Phillies-Nationals game at Nationals Park in Washington.

It happened in the fifth inning with Adam LaRoche at the plate. LaRoche absolutely crushed the ball to straightaway center field, but the strong breeze ended up catching it and pushing it more towards right center. This wreaked all sorts of havoc for Phillies center fielder Ben Revere, who ended up overcompensating towards right and overrunning the ball. He then leaped awkwardly and watched as it hit three feet to his left.

Watch Adam LaRoche's windblown triple

Here's how Revere himself described the play courtesy of's Todd Zolecki:

"It tipped my glove," Revere said. "Because I was playing a couple steps in, the ball kind of got ahead of me. I'm pretty sure I make that play next time. I thought because the wind was blowing to right, that ball kind of went backward."

All things considered, Revere didn't miss making the play by a whole lot. However, the same can't be said for Nationals play-by-play man Bob Carpenter, who mistakenly went into his home run call before quickly realizing the ball was still in play.

Hey, it happens, and the call certainly could have been worse.

"And it is goooonup against the wall," is probably how the play sounded in Revere's head. Also, when you're trained to look at the television monitor and react to the outfielder's actions, it's easy to see how he drew his conclusion. That's really a tough spot for an announcer, but while I feel bad for Mr. Carpenter, I also thank him (and Mother Nature) for another fun moment on an already wacky Friday night.

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