Adam Jones and Orioles teammates wear ‘Canadian Tuxedos’ on trip to Toronto

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

With themed outfits becoming a trend du jour among baseball teams, members of the Baltimore Orioles decided to get extra denim-y Wednesday as they traveled from Baltimore to Toronto to start a series with the Blue Jays.

The look is called the "Canadian Tuxedo" — a denim-on-denim get-up that's fashionable in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Only this wasn't a group of hipsters being ironic or Canadian Olympians poking fun at themselves, it was Adam Jones and his crew fully being aboot that denim life.

Jones posted the above photos on Instagram, the first also including Manny Machado in a dap-worthy overall/denim button-up combo that you might be able to pick up at your local swap meet. Jones, meanwhile, seems to have forgotten about his previous troubles entering Canada and is trying to adapt to Canadian customs.

If you too are looking to get down with the Canadian Tuxedo lifestyle, there are many appreciations/how-tos out there on the web. Might we suggest loading up on Bryan Adams tunes while you're at it. It cuts like a knife ... oh, but it feels sooo right!

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