Adam Dunn's unlucky double bounces off top of the fence — twice

Chicago White Sox slugger Adam Dunn likely thought he had a home run two different times on one hit on Friday night against the Houston Astros, but ended up settling for a double after a pair of bounces went against him.

In the fourth inning, Dunn hit a towering fly ball to deep left field at U.S. Cellular Field that sent Astros left fielder L.J. Hoes to the wall. Hoes actually had a play on the ball as the fences at "The Cell" are very much conducive to home run robberies, and at one point White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson actually thought he caught it. However, Hoes mistimed his leap and then watched helplessly as the ball took one enormous bounce off the top of the fence.

The descent had to be in slow motion for everybody involved. As he rounds first base, Dunn is probably thinking he still has a chance at career home run No.. 455. Chances are Hoes was thinking the same thing as he fell away from the wall. To the surprise of both — and everybody watching — the ball actually came down on top of the wall again, and this time it fell back into the field.

The odds of one bounce are small enough given the thin space available to land. A second bounce is rare enough that even White Sox manager Robin Ventura, who's been around the game for over 25 years, had only seen it one time before.


"I've seen it once, but not twice," said White Sox manager Robin Ventura of Dunn's physics-defying double. "Again, you are seeing that ball, you get that feeling you are hitting some balls hard, but you are not quite getting what you deserve."


Dunn ended up settling for a double on the play, which is obviously better than being robbed all together, but it's obvious the White Sox feel like they aren't catching many breaks. When that happens, sometimes you have to create your own, right?

"Somebody was yelling that one of the guys in the 'pen should have reached over and grabbed it," reliever Zach Putnam said. "Bought us a run or something, but I didn't see it myself."

That wouldn't have been allowed, of course, but we have loved to see them try. 

As it was, the White Sox did end up rallying for three late runs to defeat the Astros 3-2. Dunn was not directly involved, but Dayan Viciedo hit a two-run homer in the sixth to tie game. Then in the seventh, Tyler Flowers knocked home the game winner with an RBI double. All's well that ends well, but the baseball certainly owes Chicago — and more specifically Dunn — a good bounce or two in the coming days. 

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