Adam Dunn plays bartender in Oscar-nominated ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

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Adam Dunn won't be able to attend the Academy Awards on March 2 because he'll be ensconced at Chicago White Sox spring training in Arizona. But if Dunn could sneak away to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywoodland, he could be more than just a seat filler. He was an investor and an actor in the "Dallas Buyers Club," which is all over the Oscar nominations.

Dunn himself wasn't nominated — his part as a bartender was brief and without spoken lines — so Dunn pretended to be upset about the "snub" when talking to reporters over the weekend at the Sox's fan convention.

Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago writes:

“It seems like it always happens,” Dunn said. “The Gold Glove, every year I get snubbed on that, so I’m used to it.”

All kidding aside, Dunn is more than pleased with the way things have turned out for the Matthew McConaughey film, which received six Oscar nominations, including one for best picture. McConaughey and Jared Leto are nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor while the original screenplay received a nod as well.

Dunn’s friend and former Toronto Blue Jays minor leaguer Joe Newcomb got him involved in the movie business. Newcomb began Truth Entertainment, the production company that financed the film, and asked Dunn to become an investor.

We know Dunn can deliver lines:

Dunn is an interesting character. Quarterback at Texas. Big swing and a great eye at the plate. Ecological philanthropist. Hollywood big shot. His three years with the White Sox have been disappointing, in large part because of that first year, 2011, when he hit .159/.295/.277 — .277! — for one of the worst seasons anyone has ever had in the history of anything. He has recovered somewhat the past two seasons, but an adjusted on-base plus slugging percentage of 108, for a DH/1B type, isn't anything to rave about.

But he's got a good eye for film (or at least a good contact in the biz who has an eye for it), and, to repeat, he can read the lines. Dunn considered quitting baseball after the 2013 season and maybe he should have, for movies, given how well his first one has gone.

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