Adam Dunn hits monster home run off own mugshot on Rogers Centre scoreboard (Video)

David Brown
Big League Stew

In movies with hit men, the phrase "Anywhere but the face" comes into play frequently. But invoking that axiom would take some of the awesomeness away from a monster home run Adam Dunn of the White Sox hit Monday night at Toronto. Dunn's blast to center hit the scoreboard at Rogers Centre, specifically a part that was showing Dunn's own bearded mugshot at the time.

Yes, Dunn hit his own face with a home run. That's got to be the best bat control ever. Watch it clank off his massive upper cheek, in all of its majesty:

In the face! Yes, in the face! Guesstimates pegged the distance at 469 feet, but can we trust traditional measurements in a country that prefers the metric system? I think it went 469 meters, myself. That's possible, eh?

Dunn truly is slugging like his old form — and definitely was the face of the White Sox offense Monday. He hit two home runs against the Blue Jays, accounting for the only two runs Chicago scored in a 3-2 loss. Dunn leads the league with 33 homers in 491 plate appearances after connecting only 11 times in 496 plate appearances in 2011. You can't hit your own face with a home run when you're slumping like that.

City of Broad Shoulders and Big Faces, indeed.

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