Can we get some action on already?

No, I don't think Jim Leyland should be fired.

During this oh-so-lowly 0-7 start, Captain Cigarette has had to deal with everything from injuries to playing those mighty Kansas City Royals. Plus, he did take the Tigers to the World Series a few seasons after the team lost 119 games. Cut this senior dugout denizen some slack.

But for the love of Willie Horton, isn't a start like this just perfectly designed for overreactive traffic to

Shouldn't impatiently angry Tiger fans be able to find a place to vent instead of a notice from GoDaddy that the site has been parked and is still waiting to peddle all types of cleverly-worded t-shirts, bumper stickers and ladies' thongs?

Isn't that the American way?

I've sent an email to the person who registered the site back on Feb. 27, 2006, which was just before Leyland's first season in Detroit. If he shares any plans of action, I'll pass them along.

Until then, just slowly shake your head at the fact the Tigers have been reduced to receiving pity highlights like a bloop single by Gary Sheffield.

UPDATE: Just got an e-mail from Mike Terwilliger, who owns the site: "No panic yet ... I made the journey from Ada, Michigan to Boston today to see Jeremy Bonderman break the string. My wife and family had no idea that's why I picked Boston to go for their spring break ... 'Hey, the Tigers are in town. Why don't we go see a game?" ... It's a good thing they agreed (with my idea) because scalpers in this town are making huge profit. I bought tickets from a season ticket holder who says that selling the tickets for 40 of the 81 home dates will pay for his entire season."

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