Aaron Cook’s Mohawk haircut: Let’s enjoy it, shall we? (Photo)

David Brown
Big League Stew

Aaron Cook of the Boston Red Sox got himself a Mohawk haircut, apparently sometime in August. Brief mentions have been made of it, and reporter Pedro Gomez got a nice shot of Cook's head from the Fenway dugout, but I haven't really seen an answer as to "why?" his hair is the way it is. Perhaps the answer is simply "Why not?"

Regardless, when the Red Sox are finishing up a 1-8 road trip with a 2-1 loss to the Mariners, and Bobby Valentine continues being Bobby V, it hurts less if you don't focus on the baseball. Thankfully, photojournalist Elaine Thompson of the Associated Press took notice of Cook's ginger noggin. She didn't take pity on no ignorant fools. She took pics.

And how has Cook been pitching? Meh, not so great lately, though he was raising a buzz — so to speak — earlier this summer by winning games without striking anyone out (almost literally). Well, that plan was bound to fail sooner or later, as most pitchers rely on a bare minimum amount of Ks simply to keep from getting BABIP'd to death. In other words, the more any batter puts the ball in play, the better his team's chances of scoring runs. Cook used to be successful in Colorado with an extreme ground-ball touch, but one strikeout a game won't cut it.

At the moment, Cook has 16 strikeouts and 15 walks in 76 2/3 innings, his totals exploding after walking three and striking out five — season highs for both — Wednesday night in Seattle. Very out of character. Maybe Cook is just trying something different, like with his hair.

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