A's Fernando Abad unknowingly crashes Yankees reporter's live shot

David Brown

When confronted with a distraction that could have ruined her live report, Meredith Marakovits of the YES Network did not miss a beat. She merely did what Fernando Abad of the Oakland Athletics was doing to her: She ignored him.

Abad unknowingly got in the way of a Marakovits' dugout report Tuesday night by stepping up and having an animated conversation with someone in the stands at Yankee Stadium. Abad was performing an epic photobomb — or videobomb — as the kids call it, but was caught unawares. Even though it appeared at times like he knew he was spoiling Marakovits's moment, it was just a case of Abad timing.

Hey, Abad — clear the shot!

Said Michael Kay of YES:

"Meredith never, ever got flustered. Never did skip a beat. And Abad had no idea what he was doing. How annoying was that, Meredith?"

Marakovits joked that Abad had "a lot of nerve."

Abad was far enough away that what he was saying couldn't be heard by YES microphones, but he was too far away from Marakovits for her to alert him that he partially was blocking viewers from seeing her. The camera filming Marakovits was hundreds of feet away, and at least a level up, across the stadium, so it wouldn't have been obvious that he was interfering. A "long shot close-up" as they say in film school, or something like that.

The moment became self-aware when a tech guy on the field photobombed Abad photo-bombing Marakovits:


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