A's embrace Rally Possum, says it can stay as long as it doesn't make babies

The Oakland Athletics' O.Co Coliseum allows a good number of things to exist that might gross people out — sewage in the clubhouse and trough-style toilets are just two examples. So why not a possum?

A wild possum strolled on the field Monday night before Oakland's 10th inning walk-off win against the Tampa Bay Rays. You know how these things go — it was named the Rally Possum by fans and adopted as a good-luck charm. 

Sports fan find their superstitions in any number of strange places, but a possum? Whatever works. No, seriously, the A's said Wednesday they're OK with letting the possum roam around on a couple of conditions. From TMZ Sports

Reps for the team tell TMZ Sports, "We're undefeated since he showed up, and have no intention of getting rid of him."  The rep says they won't call Animal Control on RP ... unless it starts procreating like crazy. 

Opossum commonly give birth to more than 13 babies a pop. Now THAT'S a rally.

Sooooo, basically the same rule the A's had when the Giambi brothers were in town?

If there's any team that would embrace a possum as a good-luck charm, it's the scrappy A's. They're a group of misfits with beards and funny haircuts. Here's the kind of #RallyPossum fun that A's fans have been sharing on social media, including an untimely accident involving the Los Angeles Rally Monkey of Anaheim. Ouch.

The Rally Possum, btw, has a Twitter account (of course). Sensing that extermination might be near, considering the way the A's were beaten down by the Rays on Wednesday afternoon, it said:

Self preservation. Can't hate the possum for that.

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