'69 Mets deliver message current team should take to 'heart'

If I'm Jerry Manuel, I'm rolling out the film projector tonight and showing this old clip of the '69 Amazins' singing "You've Gotta Have Heart" on the Ed Sullivan Show, just three days after winning the Series.

Not only is it extremely catchy, I'd have to think it'd be extremely motivational.

I'm actually not sure what I like more about this clip:

1) The fact that baseball players were once agreeable to ensemble en masse and sing a song for the entire nation on its most popular TV show — and actually not sound that bad while doing it.

-- OR --

2) Tom Terrific being referred to as "G. Thomas Seaver" (George) and Nolan Ryan being titled as "L. Nolan Ryan" (Lynn) like they're a team of lawyers.

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