5-foot-10 Tim Lincecum switches uniforms with 6-8 Kameron Loe and hilarity ensues

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Kameron Loe and Tim Lincecum got their uniforms switched! (@CSNBaggs on Twitter)

Loe and low

Kameron Loe and Tim Lincecum got their uniforms switched! (@CSNBaggs on Twitter)

Reporter Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area sensed hijinks were afoot with the San Francisco Giants once he stepped into their spring clubhouse at Scottsdale, Ariz., on Thursday morning. Whisper-thin pitcher Sergio Romo was wearing husky Pablo Sandoval's jersey and Sandoval was wearing Romo's. Now that's tight. Moments later, Baggarly saw:

Mike Murphy is the Giants longtime equipment man. As you could see from the side-by-side photos above that Baggarly took, Loe and Lincecum decided to go the Full Monty and switch up their jerseys, too, and not just for clubhouse lounging. Lincecum flopped around the ballpark with extra yards of material and Loe strutted around looking ready for a night on the town at a godforsaken discotheque 40 years ago.

Actually, Lincecum almost looks like he could blend, especially with recent styles trending toward the baggy look. But Loe? Where's the flood? And… check out that butt.

This next one might not be safe for work:

We've reached the midpoint of spring training — three weeks down and three to go — so it's time for the players to go a little batty with boredom. But it's to our benefit, obviously. As long as there are pictures.

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