The 2013 Houston Astros summed up in one unfortunate and hilarious GIF

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

We don't really need to tell you that the Houston Astros are one of baseball's top punchlines this year. Been there, done that. But if there's a GIF that gives us a one-glimpse look at this year's Houston Astros and their fortunes, it's this one:

That's Astros pitcher Jordan Lyles in Sunday's 12-7 loss to the Texas Rangers. Lyles winds up and delivers to the plate, but forgets about the part where he's supposed to let go of the ball. Insert joke here about too much sunscreen/rosin.

Two priceless things ensue: Catcher Jason Castro's reaction, which seems to say, "Really? This too!?" And Elvis Andrus, who scored on the balk, shrugging as he trots home.

Thanks to @DShep25 for capturing this so we can all laugh on loop.

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