The 2013 Fourth of July Stars and Stripes caps have been revealed

Courtesy of UniWatch comes our first look at this season's Stars & Stripes 59FIFTY caps from New Era that will be worn all around Major League Baseball on the Fourth of July.

Honestly, sometimes these caps can be a little difficult to differentiate from year to year, and even holiday to holiday. The subtle differences in the logo patterns can sometimes go unnoticed, but what stands out this time around are the solid white and gray colors on top of either black or red bills.

When I say standout, I don't necessarily mean that in a good way. In my view, those combinations leave a lot to be desired, but I suppose when you've exhausted pretty much every combination there is over a ten year period, sometimes it will come down to a design that just doesn't mesh.

As Kevin Kaduk has suggested in the past, and I agree with him on this completely, it's well past time to scale things back and simplify these caps. The addition of an american flag patch or a commemorative patch of some sort that is either attached to the cap or even the sleeve of the uniform would suffice just fine. Then again, it's not as if these items have been created for cosmetic purposes only. MLB has had a lot of success selling the different versions of these caps, and with proceeds going to the Welcome Back Veteran's Fund, it's difficult to truly dislike what you're looking at for those two or three days during a long season.

But even still, you would think there might be a better, maybe even classier way to design and present the merchandise.

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